Cerilliant Standards

Certified Reference Standards

Cerilliant® Spiking Solutions® & Certified Reference Materials.

  • Certified Reference Materials (CRM) are ideal starting materials in the preparation of calibrators and controls.
  • Manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards and traceable to S.I. units minimizing the traceability chain and improving laboratory accuracy.

All Items Available in 1ml Ampules

CER T0041ML11-nor-9-Carboxy-9-THC-D3
CER T0071ML11-nor-9-Carboxy-9-THC-D9
CER A0091ML6-Acetylmorphine
CER A0061ML6-Acetylmorphine-D3
CER A0261ML6-Acetylmorphine-D6
CER A9071MLAlpha-Hydroxyalprazolam
CER A9041MLAlpha-Hydroxyalprazolam-D5
CER A9021MLAlprazolam-D5
CER A0021MLAmphetamine-D5 (Ring)
CER A0051MLAmphetamine-D5 (Side Chain)
CER B0041MLBenzoylecgonine
CER B0011MLBenzoylecgonine-D3
CER B0441MLBuprenorphine
CER B9011MLBuprenorphine-D4
CER B0351MLBuprenorphine-Glucuronide
CER B0241MLButabarbital
CER B0061MLButalbital
CER B0301MLButalbital-D5
CER C0451MLCannabidiol
CER C0771MLCarisoprodol
CER C0831MLCarisoprodol-D7
CER C9071MLClonazepam
CER C0041MLCocaine-D3
CER C0061MLCodeine
CER C0051MLCodeine-D3
CER C0401MLCodeine-D6
CER C0161MLCotinine
CER D0531MLDehydro Aripiprazole
CER A0081MLDextro-Amphetamine
CER M0201MLDextro-Methamphetamine
CER D9071MLDiazepam
CER D9021MLDiazepam-D5, 100 ug/mL
CER D9101MLDiazepam-D5, 1.0 mg/mL
CER E0221MLEDDP Perchlorate
CER E0211MLEDDP-D3 Perchlorate
CER E0151MLEthyl-B-D-Glucuronide
CER E0631MLEthyl-B-D-Glucuronide-D5
CER E0641MLEthyl Sulfate Sodium Salt
CER E0661MLEthyl Sulfate Sodium Salt-D5
CER F0021MLFentanyl, 100 ug/mL
CER F0131MLFentanyl, 1.0 mg/mL
CER F0011MLFentanyl-D5
CER H0031MLHydrocodone
CER H0051MLHydrocodone-D3
CER H0471MLHydrocodone-D6
CER H0041MLHydromorphone
CER H0061MLHydromorphone-D3
CER H0491MLHydromorphone-D6
CER K0021MLKetamine HCI
CER K0031MLKetamine-D4 HCl
CER L0261MLLisdexamfetamine Dimesylate
CER L9011MLLorazepam
CER L9021MLLorazepam-D4, 100 ug/mL
CER L9111MLLorazepam-D4, 1.0 mg/mL
CER M0351MLMeperidine
CER M0361MLMeperidine-D4
CER M0391MLMeprobamate
CER M1311MLMeprobamate-D7
CER M0071MLMethadone
CER M0081MLMethadone-D3
CER M0091MLMethamphetamine
CER M0041MLMethamphetamine-D5
CER M1891MLMethcathinone-D3 HCl
CER M0551MLMethcathinone HCl
CER M0831MLMethylphenidate HCl
CER M0051MLMorphine
CER M0031MLMorphine-D3
CER M0851MLMorphine-D6
CER N0631MLNaloxone-D5
CER N9121MLNorbuprenorphine, 100 ug/mL
CER N0591MLNorbuprenorphine, 1.0 mg/mL
CER N9201MLNorbuprenorphine-D3
CER N9051MLNordiazepam
CER N9031MLNordiazepam-D5
CER N0311MLNorfentanyl Oxalate
CER N0361MLNorketamine HCl
CER V0071ML0-Desmethylvenlafaxine
CER O0341MLOTC Multi-Component Mixture-6
CER O9021MLOxazepam, 1.0 mg/mL
CER O0021MLOxycodone, 1.0 mg/mL
CER O0051MLOxycodone-D3
CER O0071MLOxycodone-D6
CER O0041MLOxymorphone
CER O0031MLOxymorphone-D3
CER P0071MLPhencyclidine
CER P0031MLPhencyclidine-D5, 100 ug/mL
CER P0061MLPhencyclidine-D5, 1.0 mg/mL
CER P0081MLPhenobarbital
CER P0171MLPhenobarbital-D5 (Side Chain)
CER P0721MLPregabalin-D6
CER P0111MLPropoxyphene
CER P9011MLPropoxyphene-D5
CER S0191MLSalicylic Acid
CER S0021MLSecobarbital
CER S0481MLSecobarbitaI-D5
CER T0581MLTapentadol HCl
CER T0591MLTapentadol-D3 HCl
CER T9071MLTemazepam
CER T9021MLTemazepam-D5
CER T0271MLTramadol HCl
CER T0291MLTramadol-13C-D3 HCL
CER V0061MLValproic Acid
CER V0291MLValproic Acid-D6
CER V0231MLVilazodone HCl
CER Z0081MLZolpidem-D7