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Chromatography Solvents & Chemicals

We offer high purity solvents, and lab chemicals for chromatography analyses. Whether you need HPLC solvents, ACS solvents, anhydrous solvents, or any other high-purity research grade solvents, we can provide the right product for your applications. Browse our catalog of high purity chemical lab solvents. If there are any items that you need that is not listed please call or email us. We may have the item in-stock or can source it at an unbeatable price.

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Item#Product Description
CBS DR21001MB-Glucuronidase Powder from Abalone, 1M
CER M653210MGMuscarine Chloride Powder, 10mg
EMD 10278140002-Propanol (LC/MS Hypergrade), 1L
EMD AX00736Acetic Acid, 500mL (ACS Grade)
EMD AX01566Acetonitrile (LC/MS OmniSolv™ Grade), 1L
EMD AX01561Acetonitrile (LC/MS OmniSolv™ Grade), 4L
EMD FX04405Formic Acid 98%, 500mL (ACS Grade)
EMD MX04861Methanol (LC/MS OmniSolv™ Grade), 4L
EMD PX18341Isopropyl Alcohol (HPLC Grade), 4L
EMD WX00011Water (LC/MS OmniSolv™ Grade), 4L
FIS A4614EA2-Propanol (LC/MS Optima™ Grade), 4L
FIS A639500Ammonium Acetate Crystalline, 500g
FIS A9294Acetone, (HPLC Optima™ Grade) 4L
FIS AC168615000Ammonium Formate 97%, 500g
FIS H302SK4Hexanes (HPLC Grade), 4L
SIG 2707252LAcetone (HPLC Chromasolv® Grade)
SIG 5630250MLFormic Acid, LC/MS Eluent Additive, 50mL
SIG S2889250GSodium Acetate, 250g